Blindspot helps to shine a light on what has been with you all along, but you may have missed. I help people find a sense of purpose and joy, especially when they have been stuck or are facing major life changes. How can I help you become more of who you want to be?

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Individual Coaching

Great for working through transitions, when you are overwhelmed or feel like something has to change, or when you feel like you have lost your way and want to reclaim your purpose, joy and creativity again. Sign up for a free breakthrough session to find out if this work is right for you.

Wellness Workshops

Whether you want your employees to be more fulfilled and engaged, help them to manage a stressful work environment, or be more creative and joyful in and outside of the workplace, we can design something just for you.

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Here’s what past participants are saying about our trainings …

What’s the buzz?

"Corinna is the real deal - intuitive, wise and truly eager to share her knowledge, which is vast. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone in need of a little push in a new direction . . . She's found her calling - let her help you find yours!"

Julie Buranelli

New Year’s Resolutions? Crushed it! Special shout out of gratitude to Corinna Bisgaier who inspired me to create a vision board, hang it in a prominent place in my home and visualize to stay focused on my goals every day.

Stephanie Hantman

Corinna Bisgaier has opened my eyes to being more focused and directed in my career, my public service and with my family. I look forward to my sessions with Corinna because, not only do I learn something new about myself and learning to be more mindful about my decisions, she also directs me to try exercises that push me outside my comfort zone. I have seen an increase in my business contacts, improvement in the types of client calls I am getting and I am more intentional about the types of cases I want in my practice. I highly recommend working with Corinna -- this from someone who laughs at woo-woo types of mindfulness methods. I am now a believer!

Ayesha Hamilton

"My daughter and I enjoyed creating our vision boards for 2018. It was a lot of fun and we left feeling relaxed and refreshed. Highly recommend meeting Corinna and experiencing her genuine warmth and guidance. I look forward to attending her future workshops."

Brandi Herbert


Corinna Bisgaier helps people who are facing major life changes to rediscover their sense of purpose and bring more joy into their lives. She is especially committed to helping women who have lost their life partners and would like to be part of a supportive community as they integrate this loss into their new versions of themselves.

Since a turning point in her life as a teen, Corinna has committed to changing her mindset and bringing more joy into her life. Since then, she has studied and observed how emersion in nature, engagement in the arts, exercise, and nutrition contribute to optimal human wellness. Through her practice, she has developed a wide range of experiential programs to help people find more connection and fulfillment in their lives. After spending the last 20 years working for organizations, Corinna is eagerly embracing her new challenge – to bring her successful practices to individuals in major life transitions.

Corinna’s former professional work has centered around developing educational programs integrating the arts, nature and wellness with local and national nonprofit organizations. In this work, she’s always loved coaching, training, and consulting with organizations, teams, educators, and artists. She holds a Masters in Education from New York University and BA in English with a minor in African American Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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